Education and Training

Since 1988, ParaQuad NSW has been offering training about spinal cord injury to personal carers and a number of other groups in the community including disability awareness to corporate organisations.

Training for Personal Carers

This series of training sessions have been developed for personal carers working in the community with people with spinal cord injury (SCI) or similar physical disabilities, and incorporates the following modules:

    • ‘Personal Care for Clients with a Spinal Cord Injury’ – an overview of the effect of spinal cord injury and the associated personal care requirements.
    • “Confident Communication and Professional Boundaries’ – an interactive workshop which allows participants to explore some of the difficult situations they face in their work and identify some strategies to manage them.
    • ‘Transferring and Moving People with Physical Disability’ – a manual handling workshop specifically designed for people working with clients with physical disability. The workshop contains practical content in a simulated client environment.

Click here for more information on Training for Personal Carers.

Specialist Training for Health Professionals

The BeBright Study Series are a range of workshops presented by BrightSky’s specialist clinical team and consulting clinicians. The workshops attract RCNA CNE points as part of the Royal College of Nursing Australia’s Lifelong Learning Program. Click here for more information on Specialist Training for Health Professionals.

It’s Your Business – Disability Awareness Workshop

ParaQuad can provide education and awareness sessions for both public and private organisations about spinal cord injury, tailored to the specific needs of that audience.

  • Nominal fees apply to courses.

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To register your interest in training or make an enquiry phone: (02) 8741 5689 or Email:

Confident Communication and Professional Boundaries (CCPB)

  • Sydney – 6 Holker Street Newington:
    Dates: TBA

Transfer & move people with disabilities (TMPD) 

  • Sydney – 6 Holker Street Newington
    Dates: TBA

Personal Care. Client with spinal cord injury ( PCSCi)

  • Sydney – 6 Holker Street Newington
    Dates: TBA
  •  Newcastle – 65 The Avenue Wickham
    Dates: TBA

CALD   Cultural Diversity Workshop (CDW)

  • Sydney – 6 Holker Street Newington
    Dates: TBA

For more information on courses please phone: (02) 8741 5689 or Email: