Electricity Rebate a Welcome Move for People With Quadriplegia

ParaQuad NSW Chief Executive Officer Max Bosotti has backed today’s announcement by Energy Minister Anthony Roberts to expand the Life Support Rebate for the cost of powering electric mobility devices.

“People with quadriplegia rely on electric wheelchairs and mobility devices to live as independently as possible,” Mr Bosotti said.

“Today’s pre-budget announcement that in 2015/16 an estimated $91 rebate would be provided to people needing to charge the battery for their electric wheelchair is great news. Any assistance to reduce the financial burden of purchasing, maintaining and indeed, powering these devices is a move in the right direction.”

“Every little bit helps — charging up power wheelchairs and mobility devices is a daily necessity for quadriplegics and adds to energy costs. Due to their circumstances, people with quadriplegia incur additional expenses that other members of the public don’t, in order to live healthy and independent lives,” he said.

Many potential recipients of this expanded rebate are on a Disability Support Pension and manage on a tight budget. ParaQuad NSW welcomes any measures taken to ease the financial burden for people with quadriplegia.

ParaQuad NSW’s very existence is all about supporting people of all ages with spinal or other health conditions to be independent.

Today’s announcement was made at ParaQuad’s accommodation facility, Ferguson Lodge –the only supported accommodation for people with a spinal cord injury in NSW offering both a permanent home as well as respite accommodation.

Estimates indicate the lifetime cost for each case of quadriplegia is about $9.5 million. It is also indicated that 40% of these costs will be borne by the individual.