How Can You Help?

ParaQuad NSW needs the ongoing assistance of caring and generous individuals and organisations to continue our quest to help Australians with  spinal cord injury to achieve their choices in life.

Make a Donation

What Can You Do?

Donate – Donated funds go directly into our charitable projects and are tax deductible. Online donations can be made using our secure server click here.

Become a valued corporate partner or sponsor – Your business can support ParaQuad through a number of event and cause marketing initiatives. We work with your business to build a relationship so we can support mutual objectives.

Make a bequest – By making a bequest in your Will to ParaQuad NSW, you can leave a lasting legacy for the people we support for future generations.

Enrol in a Workplace Giving Program and choose ParaQuad NSW as your charity of choice with a tax-free donation from your regular salary - see details below.

Purchase health care products from BrightSky Australia, the commercial arm of ParaQuad NSW.

Spread the word – If you have family, friends or work colleagues who may wish to receive ParaQuad News, have offered to help or could donate a prize or organise a fundraiser for us, please let us know.

Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is a highly effective way of making a difference to the lives of fellow Australians who have a disability, illness or disadvantage.

Workplace giving is a winner for employees, employers, and for charities alike, as it means low fundraising costs so more of the donation goes where it matters. It is a chance for employers to help their staff do something they really care about. It creates true corporate citizenship and it fosters a partnership between businesses and their employees, aiding long term staff retention.

An Australian Tax Office ruling allows you a reduction in your taxable income by the donated amount – so the deduction is from your ‘pre-tax’ income. This eliminates the need to collect receipts or wait until the end of the year to claim a tax refund. Meanwhile, the charity you have nominated benefits from 100% of donations for use in their essential services, stable funding and reduced fundraising costs. For more details on Australian Tax Office ruling click here. .

If you’d like to choose ParaQuad NSW as your nominated charity for the Workplace Giving Program in your organisation, check with your Finance Department or HR Department to find out how you can make this possible.

If you want to know the ways in which your company can commence a Workplace Giving arrangement with ParaQuad NSW then please contact the Marketing Department on (02) 8741 5654 or email