Regional NSW

Northern Region Branch – Outline of Services

Personal Care Services

The ParaQuad Northern Region office coordinates personal care services for people with physical disability, who require in-home support with their personal care, light domestic tasks and community participation needs.

Service Supervisors liaise with people on an individual basis, with a focus on person centeredness, and tailor services specifically to their requirements.

ParaQuad Personal Care Assistants are educated, trained and supported to provide tailored care for specific individual needs.

For more information contact:
Ph 02 4969 6388
Fax 02 4961 6101

Occupational Therapy

ParaQuad occupational therapy provides a person-centred approach to assist people in maximising their independence and safety in everyday life.

Our ParaQuad occupational therapists can assist in the following areas:

  • Wheelchairs, seating and pressure care equipment (eg mattresses, commode seats) – review and adjust existing setups, and if necessary, arrange trials and recommend new equipment setups.
  • Transfers (eg bed, wheelchair, showering, car) – review current transfer techniques and make recommendations to maximise independence, safety and long-term function.
  • Maximise function – suggest new ways of doing things and provide equipment / assistive devices to help manage everyday activities more easily and safely.
  • Provide education and advice – including upper limb over-use syndrome and ageing with a disability.
  • Home environment – assess, make recommendations and assist with home modifications and assistive technology.
  • Community reintegration – assist with accessing the community and returning to leisure and productive roles.
  • Advocate and support people with a disability.

For more information contact:
Ph 02 4969 6388
Fax 02 4961 6101

Clinical Nurse Consultant

The Northern Region office have highly skilled and experienced Clinical Nurse Consultants who have strong backgrounds in spinal cord injury, other physical disability, rehabilitation and continence management, for both adults and paediatrics.

Our Clinical Nurse Consultants offer a unique level of knowledge and expertise for managing neurogenic continence (bladder and bowel) issues, skin care and pressure injury management, and other associated health care planning by providing:

  • Comprehensive & holistic assessments.

  • Recommendations of  and implementation of management plans.

  • Education and training.

  • Evidence based advise on equipment selection.

  • Assistance with appropriate referrals.

  • Clinical support.

For more information contact:
Ph 02 4969 6388

Fax 02 4961 6101

Specialised Healthcare Products

BrightSky Australia is a one-stop-shop that provides national door-to-door delivery of specialist healthcare products in wound, continence, nutrition and other healthcare products.

BrightSky has a clinical nursing team which can help with advice on continence, wound care and aged care related issues.

For more information contact:
Ph 1300 88 66 01
Fax 1300 88 66 02